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New York Probate Real Estate Sales, Cleanouts, Appraisals

304 7th Street
Brooklyn New York 11218
The professionals at House Logic NY Inc. focus exclusively on handling the real estate and personal estate needs for both executors and their attorneys.

The company was formed after realizing the many obstacles that came about when handling an estate.
Our firm bundles a variety of services that will work for you since we employ a staff of professionals who have many decades of experience in their respective fields.

While many other real estate and appraisal firms split their time and attention between various real estate and property matters for banks and the general public our staff has just one focus which are services associated with maintaining, maximizing and marketing inherited estate property of our clients.

Our service fees are predicated on a variety of factors When we meet we will give you a price to the penny in writing for whatever services needed at no cost to you . 

  • Estate Real Estate Property Valuation
  • Probate Real Estate Sale
  • Estate Property Maintainence and Management
  • Estate Cleanout Services

We understand what it takes to meet the temporary and long time requirements of our clients. That's why we developed this unique approach, and that's why we are always working to earn the trust of our customers. 

At House Logic NY, these essentials form a distinctive service that can be summed up in a few words, peace of mind, and ease of use.

Call us today for a price quote in the NY metropolitan area