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Miami home insurance attorney | South Fl homeowners insurance law firm

1500 NE 162nd Street
North Miami Beach FL 33162
786 529-0090
Insurance Litigation Group assists homeowners who likely purchased an HO-3 “all risks” or “open perils” insurance policy to cover your home, including your real property and personal belongings. This type of policy generally insures your home against loss from all causes except those which are specifically excluded in the policy. If you have a Miami commercial property insurance dispute give us a call at  786 529-0090.

Insurance Litigation Group (ILG) is a leading boutique law firm consisting of top-notch, experienced litigation attorneys and support team servicing all of Florida. We represent residential and commercial property owners and restoration and mitigation companies in their disputes against the insurance companies. We are experts in the insurance field and have a unique and deep understanding of every aspect of insurance law. We provide superior customer services to our clients.  We are the top Miami all risks home insurance lawyer.