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Miami Florida Estate Valuation CPA Firm Fiske & Company

1395 Brickell Ave Suite 800
Miami Florida 33131

Estate Valuations Miami Dade Florida *  Estate Tax Returns 

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Fiske & Company tax accountants are uniquely qualified to deal with the constantly changing estate and gift tax legislation. Our tax professionals research and analyze court decisions and tax legislation that could adversely affect our clients’ financial position and makes recommendations when necessary on gifting strategies and changes to estates, wills, and trusts to avoid financially harmful tax consequences. Our tax accountants prepare federal and state tax returns and take responsibility for annual tax planning to ensure that tax-saving opportunities are not overlooked.Our client focus and personalized service is why law firms and financial advisors refer their clients to us. Fiske and Company is a trusted name in trusts and estates. Our estate, gift, and trust tax services portfolio includes:

    • Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Planning
    • Charitable Giving Entity Planning
    • Estate Tax Returns, Estate Income Tax Returns and Trust Tax Returns
    • Healthcare Proxies
    • Multi-Year Tax Projections
    • Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships, Non-Cash Gifts and Closely Held Business Stock
    • Fiske & Company tax professionals and CPAs prepare tax returns for estates and trusts as part of its full service portfolio for individuals and families. Our accountants oversee the collection of financial information, tax forms, bank records and other documents needed to produce the tax returns.